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Price, accessibility, parking

Registration Information

Those who register by the 16th of April, 2017, are entitled to a discount entry price of 380 Euro (+VAT 20%). After that date it is possible to acquire admission to the Business Forum for the sum of 430 Euro (+VAT 20%).
This amount includes coffee, tea, nonalcoholic beverages, lunch, a reception event, informational materials and a professional video recording of the conference.

The price shall be paid before the conference date.

The capacity of the hall is 600 seats. The best places will go to the first 200 registered participants (the earlier you register, the better your position). Your name will be displayed on your seat and we will let you know well in advance where to find it.

Cancellation policy: Till 13th April - 80 % of the entry price, after 13th April - 100 % of the entry price. We only accept a written notice of cancellation. A replacement person can participate at the conference instead of the person named on the entry form.

Your propagation
Your propagational materials, sized in A4 format and weighing up to 2.5 kilograms can be put up at the conference onto previously set up stands. The price for this service is 240 Euro (+VAT 20%). As a bonus, we can place your company name (with link) onto the conference web (subordinate webpage).

Accessibility, parking availability

The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel si located at this address: Trnavska cesta 27. It is on the main avenue near to the Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepeľu (Ice Hockey Arena). It is possible to park either directly at the hotel or in the modern Shopping Centre Central, which is only eight minutes away.

From the Central Railway Station (Hlavná stanica), it is possible to get to the hotel very easily by taking Bus Number 61 or Bus Number 74. Just purchase a fifteen-minute bus ticket, it will be totally adequate for the five bus stops. To get there from the Mlynské Nivy Bus Station, take the Trolleybus Number 205 six stops. For this option a fifteen-minute bus ticket is also sufficient.
Whichever route you choose, get off at the stop called Zimný štadión (Ice Hockey Arena).

From the Vienna Airport it is possible to get to the hotel by car within 45 minutes. Busses from the Vienna Airport to Bratislava are scheduled once an hour.


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Useful information

Price, accessibility, parking